Mac Botnet, Top-Level Domains, WikiLeaks, and Pinterest

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Mac Hack Attack!
Mac Botnet Has Infected Over Half a Million Computers
Many people bought Macintosh computers partly in thanks to the low-risk of getting viruses and other junk more commonly associated with Windows machines. Unfortunately, however, a malicious botnet has emerged and is affecting Macs everywhere.

Keeping your Mac fully updated is the best way to avoid nasty viruses. Apple has published additional software updates to assist users. For more information on the botnet, keep reading.


Small Businesses and Top-Level Domains
Should small business have access to new domains?
There is a movement brewing to allow more control over top-level domains; .com and .org could soon be replaced by .food or .travel, depending on the specific business, the industry, and the way they want their URL to appear.

This possible changed has sparked many conversations in the industry. One side of the argument says this has the possibility to grow and better represent small businesses. The other side, though, argues that it would be costly for companies and confusing for customers.


Your Business Data on WikiLeaks – A Real Concern
Diposing of your old computers and parts properly can save you a major headache.
Most businesses, large and small, already have procedures to protect their data in case of a crash. However, does your company have procedures for disposing old PC’s and hard drives which still may contain valuable information about your business or clients?

As you may be aware, there have been serious issues with breaches of confidentiality and leaked information from governments, banks, and corporations. In this day and age of instant ability to upload data electronically, completely wiping your machines of data can be as important as data-loss protection.


Pinterest for Small Businesses
Check out how the newest Social Media can grow your Small Business
The latest internet craze, Pinterest, allows users to “pin” pictures of interesting things they find around the internet to their board, which is shared with their family and friends.

As interest in Pinterest continues to boom, it provides a new, cost effective medium for businesses to connect with new and existing customers, create fans, and potentially increase their sales.

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